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Online Quran Learning For Beginners

    The Quran is the most important book in Islam. It is a sacred book of Islam and because of this, it is very important for all those who follow Islam to learn how to read, write and understand the Quran. Quran is a timeless speech of Allah, a study guide for life & death and what comes after. We, as Muslims, should learn to recite the Quran so that we can earn Allah’s blessings in this World and in the Hereafter. That can be difficult, but with the help of Best Quran Lesson, it is something that can be done.

    In this course we will teach you the basic concepts of Quran, Alphabets of Arabic language, pronunciation of Arabic words.

    In this course user will learn following:

    • Noorani Qaida
    • Harakat
    • Huroof
    • Tanween
    • Noon Sakinah
    • Rules of Raa
    • Rules of Laam
    • Waqf

    For reciting the Quran you should learn these points. Our qualified teachers will teach all of these points in this course.