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Online Quran Learning For Beginners

    The Quran is the most important book in Islam. It’s sacred for Muslims. That’s why it’s crucial for Muslims to learn how to read, write, and understand it. The Quran is Allah’s timeless words, guiding us through life, death, and the afterlife. Muslims should learn to recite it to receive blessings from Allah in this life and the next. Learning to recite the Quran might be hard, but with the help of the Best Quran Lesson, it’s possible.

    In this course, we’ll teach you the basics of the Quran, Arabic alphabet, and how to pronounce Arabic words.

    In this course user will learn following:

    • Noorani Qaida
    • Harakat
    • Huroof
    • Tanween
    • Noon Sakinah
    • Rules of Raa
    • Rules of Laam
    • Waqf