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Make use of Quarantine for Quran Time

Dearest Brothers & Sisters, may you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy!

We have heard enough of the word ‘quarantine’ these days. It is about time that converts it to ‘Quran time’. Reciting the Holy Quran is what should pop up in your mind next time you hear about Quarantine. From local curfew to nationwide and worldwide lockdown is approaching fast to all of us, which has made us sit at home and do things many of us have long since postponed. Quran learning is one of them!

  • Our relationship with the Quran has grown weak with time, while we made progress in other aspects of life. If we reflect, it will dawn upon us that we have put in a lot of effort in doing stuff like learning languages, cooking complex recipes, meeting unrealistic deadlines, but the only task that was untouched or unfinished is the learning of the Quran. One pretext or the other took over our minds and we got lost in life’s bustles.
  • We have always said to ourselves that we’ll find some time out someday for Quran in-depth if the thought of ever crosses your mind in busy life schedules. Guess what, Allah now made time for us! He cleared everything that was between you and the holy book. No more long duty hours to make you too tired to read the Quran. Without a doubt it’s not Quarantine, but Quran time. Since you are home with all the family members, you have now all the time in the world to teach your children too.
  • All the distractions, noise, and activities that made you long for taking out some Quran time are gone, and the Quran-Time has arrived. Allah had made special arrangements and gave you the dedicated Quran time – Not Quarantine.
  • The blessed book will remove the depression and anxiety which is taking over the minds of non-believers. Most people in Quarantine are under constant mental stress and not having anything to relax their worry. But for you, the holy book will accompany you in this mind-boggling situation of a global pandemic.
  • The media, social and mainstream ones, are continuously creating panic among the public, therefore, every one of us must stop following these and turn our attention to the recitation, understanding of the Quran which will bring peace and solace to your troubled heart and mind.
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