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Learn Quran for kids is Compulsory for us

Every Muslim parent strives to give knowledge of the Quran to their children. The most basic skill your child needs to master is Tajweed. Holy Quran is the word of Allah Almighty and is very important for Muslims. Every practicing Muslim needs to learn and understand holy Quran. Allah has communicated to Muslims through Quran with the help of Holy Prophet (PB.UH). It is also one of the primary sources of Sharia. Hence, it is of vital importance that kids belonging to Muslim families learn the Holy Quran and Noorani Quida from an earlier age. Online Learn Quran for kids is an easy and effective way of teaching Quran to kids.

How can kids learn Quran?

There are four main methods to learn Quran for kids.

  • Parents teach their child

If you can recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed, understand the meaning of its verses. And able to teach daily as it set time, you should proceed with following this method.

  • A near Mosque or Islamic school

If there is a nearby mosque or Islamic school, It will be a great solution to Learn Quran for kids with the assistance of professional Quran tutors who have predefined learning programs. Yet, learning there will be a group of students, not through one-to-one session.

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