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Learn Pillars of Islam

    Islam is the divine and the true religion of God Allah Al-Mighty. Islam is more than a religion as it guides you to live the whole life according to the divine guidance. Islam is called Deen, that deals with your beliefs, rituals, transactions, and moral values which means it is the code for the worldly life and the life-hereafter .

    It has five basic elements which are called Pillars of Islam.

    1- Declaration(Shahada)

    It is to pronounce that ” There is no god but Allah, Muhammad (PBUH) is His messenger”. One someone utters this he/she becomes Muslim and one has to follow Islam properly.

    2- Prayer(Salat)

    There are five prayers in a day and Jummah prayer on every Friday when Muslims gathered in mosques and do a sermons and perform the Salah/prayer. Men offer is Masjid and women offer it at home.

    3- Fasting(Sawm)

    This is to fast and abstain form eating, drinking and some other things from dawn to dusk in the Holy month of Ramadan. All Muslims fast with a great zeal in this Holy Month.

    4- Alms(Zakat)

    It is to give your wealth to the poor if you have abundant of it. 2.5% is given once a year if you hold the wealth the whole year.

    5- Pilgrimage(Hajj)

    Muslims are supposed to visit the Makkah if they have financial resources and perform the rituals described in the Quran and Sunnah.

    Join us if you want to know about pillars of Islam and want to learn how to perform Prayers and other rituals.